Ergopoint Office Suite

Find your comfort zone - Ergopoint for Me shows you how to set up your own work space and understand the key factors for maintaining a comfortable and healthy working experience.

A safe and comfortable workspace is well within your reach.

Ergopoint for Me provides a web-based training and self-assessment tool for affordable access to the best in personal ergonomic solutions. In three easy steps, you can:

1. Understand Workspace Ergonomics

In 30 minutes or less, learn the basic principles of office ergonomics and the proper configuration of your current work area through an interactive e-learning session.

2. Discover Your Issues

A quick self-assessment survey helps you target specific areas for improvement.

3. Solve Your Problems

Ergopoint provides customized ergonomic solutions, from no-cost adjustments to equipment that will help you achieve your ideal “comfort position.”

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